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March 23, 2020

Analyze the solar potential of all surfaces as you design

We now live in a world of renewable design. Buildings are capable of generating their own clean energy, reducing emissions, and meeting new targets with architectural solar technologies. We make the tool to understand the potential at every stage.

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SolarScore® makes it possible to analyze the energy potential and business case for solar on all surfaces of a building with just one click.

Start with Just a Design File
With your building design file SolarScore® creates a context model of surrounding structures and analyzes the solar energy potential of all surfaces of the building.
Customize to Your Client
Use SolarScore® algorithms and AI to find a solution suited to your clients financial, technical, and environmental goals.
Provide a Branded Experience
Our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform allows you to quickly generate and share analytics and branded reports with your clients.
Get Engineering Support and Finance
Use our team of engineering specialists and network of suppliers and installers to give your client a turnkey solution. Plus, we provide innovative project finance/investment options.

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Provide your clients with a new opportunity to make their buildings more valuable, sustainable, and resilient.

We understand and work with your design process to seamlessly integrate solar analysis.

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Understand the potential

Quickly see how much solar energy and income an existing or planned building is capable of generating. Get data on how much you can reduce building emissions and increase resilience.

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Find and monitor projects with the highest return

Easy to understand analytics to help make better decisions before committing to your next solar energy investment. Updated data on new technologies, prices, and incentives so you can track where and when to invest.

Work with our financing partners and experts

Innovative project finance options to turn potential into reality. Our global network of world-class engineers, architects, suppliers and installers are ready to make your project a reality.

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SolarScore® helps you Identify projects with the highest potential return

Easy to understand analytics to help you track projects with the best returns, payback period, costs, and other data for a  new design, single building, or global portfolio.

Instant context models

Use bimmer™ to create context models of surrounding buildings in seconds with just an address.

Works with your design process

SolarScore® works with industry leading design programs and file types including SketchUp, Revit, and others.

Find the optimal project

Use client-specific financial and technical requirements to find an investment-ready project.

Real-time data

We continuously track incentives, tariffs, technology innovations and prices for the most accurate analytics.

Simple dashboard and report generation

Use our cloud-based platform to provide a fully branded experience for your clients and instantly generate clear and actionable reports.


Simple pricing for individuals, small teams, and entire organizations

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Bring a new layer of renewable design to your clients

SolarScore® makes it easy to provide custom branded analysis to your clients

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