Step 1: Get your SolarScore

Sign up online for your SolarScore (the industry’s only techno-economic assessment of your property’s combined architectural and rooftop solar power potential) for a single building, or send us an email at if you have multiple buildings. SolarSkyrise generates supplier-agnostic SolarScore Reports from its proprietary technology for each building asset with the technical, economic, and sustainability analyses you need to understand the feasibility and timing of installing solar renewable energy on your building(s). We also identify an optimal project for your building, based upon your unique requirements.

The annual fee provides you with ongoing updates on the feasibility of your solar project as technologies evolve, incentives and prices change, and other factors impact the constantly evolving SolarScore of your building. SolarSkyrise’s unique SolarScore provides the industry’s only standard to track and monitor the total solar potential of your buildings.

Step 2: Get a Verified SolarScore

Work with our platform and our team of technical and finance channel partners to verify your building specifications, energy usage data, investment criteria and other key factors to make your project investment-ready. With our industry leading technology platform and network of world-class experts, a Verified SolarScore analysis is fast and efficient.

Step 3: Execute Your Project

Our team of engineering and project specialists can assist you with implementing your project or direct you to our network of channel partners. Get the support you need to start generating building-integrated solar energy.