Analysis Technology
  • Technical & economical analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Optimal project identification
  • SolarScore calculation
  • On-going readiness tracking
  • Real-time alerts
  • Custom project inputs
Verification Platform
  • Detailed technical feasibility
  • Detailed financial feasibility
  • Material selection
  • Battery storage analysis
  • EV infrastructure analysis
  • Balance of plant engineering
  • Connection with investors
AI-Powered Digital Twin
  • 3-D building rendering
  • Solar energy monitoring
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Machine learning integration to improve SolarScore analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

A SolarSore provides a measure of how viable and investment-ready a building is for the installation solar energy. SolarScore takes into account a variety of technical, geospatial, economic, and financial data to generate a meaningful and comparable score.
Your SolarScore can be used as the basis for further analysis of the viability of a solar energy installation. Through our global engineering partners and SolarScore platform, we are able to offer full feasibility-level reporting of your building with actionable installation steps.
Each SolarScore is calculated by performing AI-driven analysis of a building and uses a mix of various technical, economic, financial inputs.
We have designed and developed our analysis technology with global industry leaders in renewable energy, AI, architecture, and real estate to produce the most reliable metric to assess solar energy potential of an entire building envelope.
A SolarScore provides an understanding of how investment-ready a building is for installation of a solar energy system.
Yes! Many of the factors that go into your SolarScore change often and will change your SolarScore. With any of our subscription levels we'll keep you updated with changes to your SolarScore and recommendations that result from any change.
Your SolarScore will naturally evolve and change due to improvements in technology, changes in prices/incentives, and various other technical, economic, and financial factors. You can improve the accuracy of your SolarScore with a Verified SolarScore Report.
We recommend connecting with us to discuss the value of a Verified SolarScore Report and our network of world-class partners to make your solar energy system a reality.